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Hi! I am Andrew Russell. I'm an indie game developer from Australia. I'm a Microsoft MVP for XNA/DirectX.

Visit my blog at AndrewRussell.net or follow me on Twitter @_AndrewRussell.

Spending too much time procrastinating on Stack Exchange? Or wish you could block the Internet for a while, but need to whitelist Stack Exchange? Check out my Kickstarter: Connect for a Reason.

My current game dev project is Stick Ninjas A 2D multiplayer platformer-shooter. I'm doing a weekly DevLog video series about it, which you can watch on YouTube.

My previous projects include:

  • ExEn, a cross-platform port of XNA that runs on iOS, Android and Silverlight
  • Light Blocks: cross-platform falling-block game to demonstrate ExEn
  • Dark: A 2D physics-platformer with fancy lighting effects (PC and Xbox 360)

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