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I am 17 years of age, and am a self-taught programming enthusiast and entrepreneur. I have a specific passion for server development, designed for communicating with mobile applications. I generally use the Spring Boot Actuator REST Framework with MongoDB for my database, and PredictionIo for my machine learning. I also have experience with Redis, and have used it for caching purposes.

In addition to programming, I am actively involved in the study of political sciences related to both the post-Soviet region and Israel, by means of taking online courses, arguing positions in both online forums and in person at conferences, and via in-person communication with locals residing in the regions of interest.


Areas of Extensive Experience:

  • Java
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PredictionIo
  • Node.js (Express Framework)
  • Jquery
  • CSS
  • HTML

Areas of limited experience:

  • C#
  • iOS (with Xamarin Studio C#)


Areas of Interest - Former USSR:

  • CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)
  • Eurasian Union
  • Russian Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Dynamics of the Union State of Russia and Belarus
  • Russo-Georgian War (2008)
  • Orange Revolution (Ukraine)
  • Rose Revolution (Georgia)
  • De-facto breakaway regions (Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetic, Nagorno-Karabakh etc)

Areas of Interest - Israel:

  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Israeli Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Israeli Domestic Political Analysis

Email: justin.golden shift-2 yandex.com

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